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Pink French Bulldog Puppy for sale - PINK frenchie

Pink French Bulldog Puppy for sale - PINK frenchie


FCI full visual PINK french bulldog for future stud, Extremely Beautiful Blue Eyed Pink Frenchies boy,

no tail cut, regular muzzle.
pappy are carriers of all good exotic color.

DNA:Ay/Aw B/b D/d E/e Em/e ky/ky I/i CaL/CaL

  • DOB: 06.04.2023.
  • NEW Pink frenchies line


translate DNA result;

🧪✅2x pink 🎀🎀
🧪✅1x Isabella
🧪✅1x rojo🍫
🧪✅1x blue🔵
🧪✅1x cream 🍦
🧪✅1x Intensity 🌪️



 if you are looking for french bulldog of rare color follow us on instagram? contac usyou are welcome!

Serof house represents 💝💖 Beautiful Blue Eyed Pink Frenchies boy💝💖💞 Serof Pink Frenchies the rare colored French bulldog in the world. This Pink frenchie is from different location, such as different countries or regions, this pup whit yours pup not be related as they come from different breeding lines.

Note: we ship all over the world, the price includes transportation via KLM - aerotransport!