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Pink French Bulldog Puppy - PINK Serof

Pink French Bulldog Puppy - PINK Serof


represents Serof Pink Frenchies the rarest colored French bulldog in the world. This Pink frenchie is from different location, such as different countries or regions, this pup whit yours pup not be related as they come from different breeding lines.

2 x  PINK 🦄

1 x  Testable / Rojo 🍫 Isabella

2 x Blue 🔵

1x  Coco 🥥 
1 x Intebsity
🚫 Brindle   🚫 Pied

do you want to be ONE of the 5 breeders 🦄 in the world ?

contac us, you are welcome!

DOB 05.11.2022.
Pink DNA:   Ay/A B/b Co/n d/d E/E Em/Em ky/ky I/i  caL/caL
Full Stud, Extremely beautiful build, no tail, regular muzzle.
pappy are carriers of all exotic color.

PRICE: mr.MIAGY is very expensive pink frenchie pup - ask us for the price!